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Platform Maintenance


Websites require periodic maintenance to keep them running at peak efficiency.

Spammers, spambots, and malware are facts of life. Kind of like toothaches, broken bones, and pickpockets. You can’t be completely protected from them, but if you stay one step ahead you can avoid them.

Security flaws can pop up in any software application. Once these flaws are uncovered, the developers fix the problem and issue a software "patch" that needs to be applied to the website as soon as possible. The patch then needs to be tested for any unintended consequences; if all is good, crisis averted. Big Blue Crab diligently adheres to this routine to keep these problems at bay.

Most content management systems contain the core application and modules that extend your website's functionality. On occasion, both the core and modules need to be updated, patched, and tested. These updates come out as necessary. Some months there are no updates, other months have two or three, so to ensure maximum performance these updates must be employed as they happen.

This is especially imperative if your site is an eCommerce site, requires logins, or contains any other confidential information. As your doctor states, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.