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Website Analytics

A crowd of people

Know who's visting your website and what they're doing when they're there.

OK, your website is now live! Now what? How many people are coming to it? What are they looking at? How long are they staying? Where are they from? Why isn't your business coming up when you do an online search? These are all important questions, and Big Blue Crab can help you get the answers.

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a site is designed from the ground up to be as search-engine-friendly as possible. This includes adding a sitemap—basically, a road map for a search engine, letting it know where everything is. It also means adding keywords and keyword phrases where applicable: in headers, page titles, bulleted lists. Big Blue Crab will work with you to come up with terms people might use in an Internet search and use them appropriately in your content. Search engines know all the "tricks" people try to get their websites noticed, and you will get penalized if you use them!  We will make sure you maximize keyword use without going overboard.

Website analytics graphSEO and website analytics are essential for doing business online. SEO ensures that when someone does a relevant search in a website search engine, such as Google, your site gets as close to the top as possible. Website analytics determines who is visiting your site and what they’re doing. Both are indispensable. Once this is set up you can then use an online analytics application, such as the free Google Analytics tracking application, to see how people are interacting with your website.

Another way to drum up business online:  Link to other websites that are pertinent to yours, and have other sites link back to you. The more valid links, both to and from your site, the more credence the search engines will give you and the higher up in the results you will be. Can you overdo it? Yes! That's why you need the expertise of Big Blue Crab.

Once your website has been search-engine optimized, it's imperative that you monitor your site's traffic. Knowing who's visiting, what they're doing, and where they came from will help you make your website that much more effective.