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Website Design

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Make a statement with your website! Show others what you do and what you can do for them.

With the plethora of cheap, do-it-yourself web design tools out there, yes, anyone can build a website, but not everyone can build a good website. Whether a site is small or large, simple or complex, it will require planning, expertise, and time. It also needs to be built to be efficiently maintained.

Some important considerations:

These are not add ons; they need to be considered at the very beginning of the design process. Even if they aren’t going to be used from Day One, the site needs to be able to scale to support them.

Big Blue Crab has the knowledge and expertise to make the design process as efficient and trouble-free as possible. We know the questions to ask and have the tools to get it done. You’ll get a website that does what you need, but you won’t be paying for things you don’t need. A website is not a one size fits all, and we don’t try to build them with that mindset.

We feel that simplicity and ease of navigation are among the most important apects of a website. Too many websites have lost sight of this and have overly complex navigation, content that is difficult to find, or functionality that detracts from the user eperience instead of enhancing it. A website should be designed simply and functionality added only when it makes the site more effective.

What do you want your website to do? While the answer may seem obvious, it’s not, and it’s the single most important question you need to answer. 

With nearly one-third of all Internet users surfing on mobile devices, your website must be designed with that in mind. Images and text must scale well on any device in order to be effective and to keep your customers coming back.

Whatever your business, a quality website is an essential part of its success. Get your message out there and allow people to find you.

With online shopping, your customers can buy from you whenever it's convenient for them. 

Edit your content anywhere you have an Internet connection. No coding experience necessary. Edit and add pages whenever you see fit.