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Responsive Design

Mobile devices

Ensure that your website looks great on both mobile and desktop devices.

It’s no longer sufficient to design a site to be viewed on a computer screen. A large percentage of your visitors will be coming to your website via mobile phones and tablets, and the design needs to take that into account.

Go to the best business website you can find, and you will notice that there is a mobile phone version of that site, one for a tablet (sometimes two, one for both portrait and landscape orientations), and one for a desktop. Without this ability to respond to the device being used, your website simply won't be useable for many potential customers.

Big Blue Crab prioritizes Responsive Design when building websites for companies. We use the mobile first philosophy: design first with mobile in mind and modify as needed for larger devices. Mobile is not an afterthought in our sites; it's an integral part of the design process.

Responsive Design deals with more than just layout. For example, on a mobile phone there’s no mouse and cursor so you can’t ‘mouse over’ anything. This can cause issues with drop-down menus and other functionality that requires mouseover effects on a website. The last thing a business needs is a website that's not phone-friendly.

Many mobile devices tend to use phone carrier data plans, and these are much slower than your in-home Internet. Imagine a beautiful but large high-resolution image on your site that takes seemingly forever to load on a 3G (or less) phone data connection. Users generally don't like to wait around for images to load, and they shouldn't be expected to. Resonsive Design will eliminate this problem for you. 

Simply put, a website worth having is one that will work on any device at any speed. Let Big Blue Crab put Responsive Design to work for your site.