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Small Business Websites

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Whatever your business, a quality website is an essential part of its success.

Nearly all businesses have websites these days, from the smallest mom-and-pop storefronts to Fortune 500 companies. There’s good reason for this:  they’re effective. They help you get potential customers and they help you keep them. 

With a website, a business can sell goods directly to the customer (eCommerce), collect information from customers, and keep people abreast of late-breaking news, deals, and offers.

Website styles range from a simple ‘business card’ site—nothing more than a homepage, an About Us page, and a Contact Us page—to a bustling eCommerce site selling thousands of products every day. There is functionality available on websites that was unthinkable 10 years ago. Organizations are using them now to:

  • Maintain their client contact information
  • Engage in email marketing campaigns
  • Increase their fundraising capability
  • Enable online purchasing
  • Make event and training registration quick and easy

And a smorgasbord of other services designed to help you do business better.

All of this makes a website a wonderful tool for any company or organization, and a necessary tool for most; however, all of the complexity means that it has to be well thought-out and strategically implemented. Big Blue Crab understands this and wants to help you take that next step. Like any other part of a successful business, your website needs to be done right from start to finish.